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The main weight loss benefits claimed of SlimFizz are that it helps consumers to control hunger cravings and reduce cholesterol levels; the glucomannan present in the supplement allegedly creates a viscous gel in the stomach on consumption, expanding to create a feeling of fullness to create a gastric band effect. Otherwise, the supplement is claimed to help with weight loss by only have 6 calories per serving. Do you know where to get the special discount SlimFizz with the high-quality product?

What you need to know

Firstly, SlimFizz ingredients are glucomannan (1.58 grams), artificial flavors and sweeteners. This diet product is actually a tablet that is added to water. You simply dissolve one pill in a glass of water and drink. It is recommended to consume this weight-loss beverage three times daily (30 minutes before meals). It has claimed to suppress appetite, lower cholesterol levels and help with weight reduction.

How do you take Slim-Fizz?

For best results, consume 3 tablets of SlimFizz a day before the main meal. The delicious orange flavor tablet simply dissolves in water and it can be drunk just as it finishes fizzing. If left too long it will turn into a gel-like substance, which may be harder to drink. We recommend drinking a glass of water with your SlimFizz and taking your SlimFizz about 30 minutes before your meal for best effect as an appetite suppressant. Make sure you also keep hydrated whilst taking SlimFizz. Drinking a lot of water will ensure you are properly hydrated and your digestive system is clean, which can also further help you with your weight loss as an extra-added benefit.

How SlimFizz works

SlimFizz only has one active ingredient, glucomannan, present in a dosage of 1.58 grams per serving. Glucomannan is an insoluble dietary fiber, which is trapped in the intestines on digestion, and supposedly has a great capacity to absorb water. This is said to lead to swelling and pressing on the intestine walls, creating a feeling of fullness. The appetite suppression of glucomannan has been well researched; however, these benefits do not appear to translate into weight loss, as many studies suggest glucomannan is ineffective for tackling obesity.

Price and offers

Slim-Fizz is currently available for £19.95, with this including thirty tablets and being a ten-day supply. This is the only type of package available at the moment, although bigger supplies are expected to hit the market shortly. To get the discount, you must buy on the trusted supplier.

Where can you buy?

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Best way to get special Discount SlimFizz for guaranteed product