How to avoid Glucomannan supplement fake easily

Have you ever read about glucomannan supplement fake? We will show you the truth about glucomannan supplement here.

Glucomannan is a natural fiber that comes from the elephant yam, otherwise known as the konjac plant. The fiber itself is water-soluble and is commonly found in diet pills. Not only has this been used in health supplements, but its use has extended to culinary dishes and herbal mixtures as well. Of the konjac plant, 40% of its dry weight belongs to the fiber. Taking this fiber may help alleviate constipation, as well as even out cholesterol levels. When ingested with water, the plant root expands in the stomach, giving the user a sense of fullness.

How does glucomannan work?

Glucomannan is among the most viscous of all known fibers and can absorb up to 50 times its weight in water. Depending on which recommendation you favor, take a gram of glucomannan (tablet or capsule) 30 – 60 minutes before meals with a big glass of water. It expands in your stomach as it absorbs the water. When you eat after taking glucomannan, you feel full after consuming a smaller portion that usual. Dietary fiber trips the meter for satiation quickly, and that sensation of enough lasts longer; more time passes before you get hungry again.

Does glucomannan really work?

This fiber is known to expand in the stomach when water is added to it. It is this belief that calorie intake is postulated to fall, which then has the result of the user shedding off excessive pounds. Many companies have marketed this substance based on this. Many lawsuits against companies have done this. Therefore, while this may make you feel full for a little while, I cannot say that it will actually help you lose any weight.

Glucomannan safety

Because GM expands so readily in water, people have choked on the powder or GM candies by trying to swallow them dry. Imagine a balloon blowing up in your mouth and throat and you get the idea. Thus, take GM either in food format (e.g. as shirataki noodles or konjac gel in your favorite Korean or Japanese dishes) or as a powder added to food or dissolved into a Super Shake. You can also take it, as capsules are sure to have them with plenty of water. However, the pills are not as strongly recommended.

Who makes it?

The konjac plant that glucomannan is derived from is a flora that is native to Southeast Asia. The plant may also be found in parts of Japan and China as well. Being that is a natural substance; no one company holds a tyrannical hold on this seedling. There are, however, plethoras of companies that utilize this substance along with others in diet pills. That has not to mention, that this may be taken by itself as its own supplement. Some of the companies that sell this plant byproduct include nature way, fiber weight, and foods. Because of its popularity, Glucomannan may be purchased any number of ways, from the online marketplace to the retail store that carries nutritional supplements.

Studies about glucomannan

Limited studies have been carried out to test whether this supplement really affects body weight. Not only that, but people taking glucomannan have suffered from intestinal and esophageal obstruction, and for that reason, it has been banned in several countries. Therefore, if I were you, I would avoid glucomannan until more research can be done. I know it is not easy to lose weight the good old-fashioned way of eating right and exercising regularly, but it really is the most effective way to lose pounds and keep them off it.

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How to avoid Glucomannan supplement fake easily