How to prevent hair loss in woman

In career, people often rely on their performance to crank up their credibility. Without perfection of outlook, it’s difficult to look outstanding among the crowds. That’s why physical performance sets as prominent role to define ourselves in workplace.

Once we have something terrible on physical performance, it’s misery. Hair is regarded as crown for female. It’s a sign of beauty. Suffering hair loss and baldness could break out pride and lead to inferiority.

There must be something to be taken for seriously treating woman hair loss. In fact what might happen to female differ to male. To achieve successful treatment, this difference between male and female should be noted as well.

The cycle of hair loss is built during hair damage. Those having curiosity about woman hair loss and the ins and outs of its occurrence should know well about it. Making out hair cycle is necessary to shed the mysterious box of its cause. Normally the cycle consists of three stages:


The dominant phase among three cycles is Anagen. It is also known as growth stage where almost ninety percent is in this stage.


Anagen then shifted into Catagen which commonly lasts around three weeks.


Telogen phase lasts even longer than Catagen reaching to more or less three months. In this phase, the hair starts falling out.

To prevent hair loss in woman, we need to cut the cycle of hair loss. This effort can be simply made through some actions. Beat your stress. If you can control stress and manage emotional stress, it will result in emotional well beings.

Female hair loss is sometimes caused by inability to cope the stress. Just eliminate worries and enjoy the life. It prevents thinning hair and making it healthier. Stress can be alleviated by having more sleep. Reduce loads of activities in a day and begin relax to enjoy sleep more.

Some patients after having medical checkup are encouraged to prescribe drugs. Being addicted to particular medication makes hair loss. Be sure female patients know the risk of woman hair loss before taking medication.

Having regular exercise is firmly believed to be strong weapon on fighting hair loss. It gives bigger effect if combined with good diet with some nutrition for hair. Getting addicted to cigarette halts the success of hair recovery. To have good hair, this habit should be eliminated. Fruits are good for the replacement of cigarette.

Teamed up with experts, many manufacturers launch products which are confirmed to avoid woman hair loss. With safe ingredients and wonderful formula, they put high effort on making best products with no risks.

Going back to nature raises back the spirit of health without any chemical’s involvement. Tea tree oil is convinced to be potent remedy for hair damage. With its healing agent, it shows slowly but significantly healing effect on the hair loss.

Besides directly applied on the scalp through gentle message, ones may mix it with existing shampoo to get more effective outcome. Specific treatment should be taken for getting expected result.

Har Vokse
How to prevent hair loss in woman