Nekoliko faktora gubitka kose u žena

Ima nešto mora biti priznata od strane svake žene oko gubitka kose u žena. To je, naravno, razlikuje od onoga što se obično dogodi da muški. Ono što se čini jer su simptomi muške gubitka kose stanjivanje kose na čelu.

Kosa oko krune glave redovito ispadne od blage do teške u kojem je konačno stvara neugodne poglede. Nažalost ova kosa problem ne dominiraju samo muškarac.

Women are found with similar hair issues with slightly different signs. Unlike males that particularly suffer hair loss around crown head, females get more opportunity to suffer hair loss at allover heads.

When hair fall begins?

Entering the age of 30s, women are prone to suffer hair loss in woman. Unlike male pattern baldness which is indicated through specific area of baldness, women suffer low self esteem when hair turns more thinning and appears more visibly after a decade later.

Beauty is often associated with stunning hair. When it falls out, what makes pride of beauty will soon fade away. There’s no wrong to identify factors causing male baldness. It lets us know how the causes define possible solutions that we could take against hair loss.

Causes hair loss in woman


When the bump is getting bigger, nutrition needed to feed baby inside womb is also increasing. It causes deterioration of hair condition. It gets worse one semester after giving a birth. Many women are not comfortable with their look once noticing hair falling out.

Extreme weight loss diet

Many women crave for ideal body size that they do not want to suffer more with this inconvenience by preferring extreme diet to cut out fats. They are willing to suffer extreme diet to lose significant weight. Unfortunately this harsh diet plan also brings negative side. It worsens hair condition into severe hair falls.


Diagnosed with particular disease and bound with some pills to revive may cause unbearable stress. This condition likely brings into bad hair condition. Most hair loss in woman happens due to this factor. The hair shedding is more noticeable during weeks after sick.

Excessive hair treatment

It is acceptable to have hair treatment for upgrading hair style. However, ignoring the fact about excessive hair treatment may bring us to otherwise effects. Hair loss turns to be more serious when hair treatments are excessively applied. Hair dying and waves could be reasons why hair fall occurs.

Harsh treatment

Combing hair could be factor of hair loss in woman. If done roughly and harshly, it could ripe off the hair. It should be gently treated or it leaves hair in bad condition. It is necessary to have wide-space combs that lessen the risk of hair breakage.

Knowing some factors that cause hair failure brings us benefit by constantly avoiding these ways to treat hair well. Female is benefitted through good hair condition. With appealing hair look, it boosts up self confidence and ready to do a bulk of activities without sense of inferiority.

To achieve ultimate result, both natural and sophisticated hair cosmetics should be singled out. Being smart when selecting the best hair treatment product shows different results on obtaining good hair condition.

Har Vokse
Nekoliko faktora gubitka kose u žena