Three reasons why hair loss happened

Being fashionable is deemed as a priority to have good looking performance. That’s why people compete to look more fashionable by collecting a range of dress and hat. Even some people feel the boost of self confidence after wearing hat.

Nevertheless wearing hat too often disrupts the smooth flow of blood. It causes hair thinning which is prone to hair loss. Yet some experts argue about this truth. They are more convinced with empirical evidences that strongly relate imbalance hormone and stress with hair loss. To get suitable treatment, it is necessary to know reasons for hair loss.


Stress is deemed as one of major reasons for hair loss. Suffering stress could lead someone to overwhelming situation in which spurs unwanted health issues. It also brings impact on hair condition. Ones who suffer stress have bigger opportunity to experience this unwanted problems.

Hair loss may not immediately occur once someone is suffering emotional breakdown. It may appear later when the recovery may take place. Telogen Effluvium indicates hair loss and constantly stops hair growth. If left untreated, it could result in baldness. Yet it is rarely happened.


Reasons for hair loss are varied and require specific treatment to successfully avert off hair breakage. Suffering serious illness such as diabetics and other cardiovarcular diseases may spur the occurrence of hair loss.

Blood vessels are considered to be medium of oxygen transport throughout the body. But it gives more than just transportation system. It also triggers the production of Nitric acid which is helpful to promote hair growth.

Recent study found strong link between diabetics and hair loss. In other words, those suffering such illness are more likely suffering this unwanted hair issue.

Imbalance DHT Hormone

DHT is one of other reasons for hair loss in young men. Generally it occurs as single factor of male baldness. Those suffering imbalance of hormone is subject to suffer it. This hormone is sourced from Alpha reductase, a kind of enzyme that is more effective than hormone testosterone.

The imbalance of hormone can be overcome through certain medication. Asking doctors about suitable medication is helpful to stop the severity of hair thinning. When the hormone is set to balance, hair follicles turn healthier. It also brings back opportunity of hair growth on the area of baldness.

DHT hormone shocks hair follicles by promptly increasing number of hair fall. It also stops hair growth that subsequently results in baldness. DHT imbalance must be halted off. Constantly getting alarmed with its critical situation allows quick solution that may lead the hair thinning into healthier.

Baldness due to DHT is signed through swollen hair follicles. If left untreated, it slowly causes hair thinning and hair breakage which subsequently influences one’s self esteem. The reasons for hair loss should be taken for consideration as a guide to select the most suitable hair care.

Having healthy diet allows us to create barrier against hair loss. People who get used to consume healthy foods are likely prevented from hair loss. The reasons for hair loss rarely happen to those with passion on fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to consume high protein for promoting strong hair follicle.