True collagen cream for loose skin with best effectiveness

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Your skin is the largest organ in your body and acts as an outer shield. It protects you from the elements, environmental irritants, the sun rays, and more. Therefore, it is no surprise to see signs of wear and tear on your skin as you age. One telltale sign of aging skin is the loss of elasticity. Elasticity is the skin ability to stretch and then return to its normal state.

Collagen for skin

Wake up to tighter skin with a facial collagen cream that works while you sleep to address the key signs of aging.  Each year, countless collagen creams are introduced to the market and hailed as the next anti-aging breakthrough. Unfortunately, most of these collagen creams are more marketing than science. Only a few ingredients are proven to reproduce collagen.

In addition, these ingredients are needed in the right concentration to work. Collagen is the main structural protein that keeps the skin tight and elastic. Loss of collagen can cause the skin to lose its definition and youthful appearance. The loss of collagen results in the loss of facial volume, causing crow feet, nasolabial folds and jowls on the chin and jaw line areas of the face.  It can also create the appearance of a double chin. Collagen gives our skin softness, suppleness and keeps the skin firm and taut.

What is the relationship between collagen and skin elasticity?

Collagen Type I and III makes up approximately 80% of the dermis, which is the deepest layer of the skin. It forms a dense network throughout the dermis. Together, collagen and elastin from the extracellular matrix, giving skin its elasticity, firmness, and structure. We naturally lose collagen as we age, and the skin starts to sag due to the breakdown of collagen, elastin, and fat. As a result, the skin becomes thinner and less springy, hence sagging skin.

Collagen in the skin is primarily produced by fibroblasts. Aged fibroblasts tend to synthesize lower levels of collagen, and an aged dermis exhibits changes in collagen and elastin production. For example, a photo-aged dermis contains disorganized collagen fibers and abnormal elastin. Smoking can also change components of the dermis and affect collagen synthesis. Activating fibroblasts results in the increased production of collagen, and that is where the benefits of collagen supplementation lie.

Is there a way to counteract breakdown?

There are whole companies built around stimulating collagen production or consuming collagen for our bodies to utilize and the products appear to have results. However, the jury is actually out on whether or not these products are truly effective at stimulating collagen.

What to buy

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True collagen cream for loose skin with best effectiveness